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J. Vet. Sci. 2017; 18(S1): 315-322  
Influence of vaccine potency and booster administration of foot-and-mouth disease vaccines on the antibody response in calves with maternal antibodies
Can Çokçalışkan1,*, Tunçer Türkoğlu1, Ergün Uzunlu1, Beyhan Sareyyüpoğlu1, İbrahim Hancı1, Ahmet İpek1, Abdullah Arslan1, Ayca Babak2, Gülnur İldeniz3, Veli Gülyaz1
1Institute of Foot and Mouth Disease (SAP), 2Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development, and 3Directorate-General for State Farms, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Ankara 06044, Turkey
Correspondence to: Tel: +90-3122873600; Fax: +90-3122873606; E-mail: cancokcaliskan@gmail.com
Received: April 3, 2017; Revised: May 31, 2017; Accepted: June 8, 2017; Published online: August 31, 2017.
Foot-and-mouth disease is one of the most important viral diseases of cloven-hoofed animals. Mass vaccination is an effective method to control the disease and is frequently utilized in endemic regions. Sufficient protection of young animals is important in mass vaccination campaigns. Maternal antibodies negatively affect the success of vaccination. Hence, determination of the optimal vaccination age is crucial for the uninterrupted protection of young animals. This study was performed to identify the effect of vaccine potency and booster administration on serum neutralizing antibody titers of calves with different levels of maternal antibodies. Calves (n = 111) on a state farm were used in this study. Oil adjuvant foot-and-mouth disease vaccines with 3 PD50 and 6 PD50 potencies were used with or without booster administration. Serum samples were collected each month up to day 120 postvaccination. Virus neutralization tests were used to measure the serum neutralizing antibody titers and estimate the protection period by using pre-determined cut-off values for protection. The results revealed that a vaccination with a 6 PD50 potency vaccine, preferably followed by a booster dose, should be used to overcome maternal immunity for incessant protection.
Keywords: calf, foot-and-mouth disease, high potency vaccine, maternal antibody, virus neutralization

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