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J Vet Sci 2018; 19(3): 468-471  https://doi.org/10.4142/jvs.2018.19.3.468
Identification and characterization of atypical porcine pestivirus genomes in newborn piglets with congenital tremor in China
Hanqin Shen, Xiangcong Liu, Pengfei Zhang, Lei Wang, Yanling Liu, Leyi Zhang, Pengshuai Liang, Changxu Song*
College of Animal Science & National Engineering Center for Swine Breeding Industry, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642, China
Correspondence to: Tel: +86-13829723528; Fax: +86-2085282651; E-mail: cxsong2004@163.com
Received: August 21, 2017; Revised: December 1, 2017; Accepted: December 26, 2017; Published online: May 31, 2018.
Recently, a novel atypical porcine pestivirus (APPV) in pig was reported. In this study, two APPV strains, APPV-China/GZ01/2016 (GZ01) and APPV-China/GD-SD/2016 (GD-SD), were identified in two newborn piglet herds with congenital tremor from China. The open reading frame of the two strains shared an 83.5% nucleotide identity. Phylogenetically, the APPV strains were placed into two groups: GZ01 belonged to group I and GD-SD belonged to group II. A high viral load was detected in the cerebellum (quantification cycles < 26). Further studies should be carried out to thoroughly elucidate the development of congenital tremors caused by APPV.
Keywords: atypical porcine pestivirus, congenital tremor, virus characterization

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