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J Vet Sci 2018; 19(6): 862-864  https://doi.org/10.4142/jvs.2018.19.6.862
Ovarian teratoma removed by laparoscopic ovariectomy in a dog
Inês T. Tavares1,*, Ramón R. Barreno2, José P. Sales-Luís3, Carlo G. Vaudano4
1Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Lusófona University, 1749-024 Lisbon, Portugal
2Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Autonomous Ciudad Juarez University, 32310 Ciudad Juaréz, México
3Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Animal Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Lisbon, 1300-477 Lisbon, Portugal
4Oeiras Veterinary Hospital, 2780-176 Oeiras, Portugal
Correspondence to: Tel: +351-916599134; Fax: +351-217577006; E-mail: inesmttavares@gmail.com
Received: August 16, 2018; Revised: September 23, 2018; Accepted: October 1, 2018; Published online: November 30, 2018.
An elective laparoscopic ovariectomy on a healthy dog revealed a cystic structure in the left ovary. The surgical procedure was successful. Histopathological examination showed the presence of a teratoma adjacent to the ovary. To the best of the authors’ knowledge, this is the first reported case of an ovarian teratoma removed by laparoscopic ovariectomy in a dog by using a multiport laparoscopic ovariectomy technique.
Keywords: dogs, laparoscopy, ovariectomy, teratoma

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